My New Zealand friend saw this coffee shop when he was out running so he brought us back to it for breakfast the next day. It turns out that it is a very famous coffee shop in Boquete, Panama called Cafe Ruiz.







The coffee is the strongest I have ever had. I could barely finish my double shot machiatto.

While we were having pastries and finishing our coffee, my British friend brought over an old man with a cane and a white Panama hat. He turned out to be the owner, Don Ruiz. He is a 95 year oldĀ  coffee baron. He was showing me black and white photos of his kids from the 50s on his smartphone. Some of them live in the US and Germany now and he video chats with them. He speaks very softly and it makes you lean in close to hear him.

All in all, I recommend going here if you come to Boquete. You just walk up the main street in town and go about 10 minutes outside of town. If you hurry, you may just get to meet Don Ruiz!