When I made the mistake of bringing my backpack with my laptop in it (which is my lifeline for work) on a snorkeling boat in Bocas del Torro, Panama and my backpack got splashed, I began fantasizing about having a more durable, waterproof computer (mine turned out being fine but the peace of mind would be nice).

Iantrepid on Snorkeling boat

When I get back to the states I need to get one of these bad boys. It is not only shock, particle and water resistant, but it is made for military use in extreme conditions like 140 degree Fahrenheit (which is useful in the tropics where mine is always overheating – I keep a temperature gauge in my taskbar to monitor it), so it can do crazy stuff like resistant poisonous gases and electromagnetic radiation!

51030-getac-b3001 51030-getac-b3002

As rugged laptops go, the Getac B300 has some of the most hardy certifications the industry provides. This rugged notebook has the typical MIL-STD 810G and IP65 certifications. It also has a Class 1 Div II certification. This is very useful for hazardous situations. It means that the device can be used in areas with dangerous gasses or particles and it won’t explode. There is also the option for MIL-STD 461 certification, which relates to emissions and susceptibility to electromagnetism. It also has the MIL-STD 3009. This means the screen of the rugged notebook won’t interfere when people are using night vision equipment. This is especially valuable for pilots in a cockpit. However, in order to have this option, the standard screen must be replaced by another one at the factory.

The operating temperature for this unit is between -4° F and 140° F (-20° C and 60° C). The durable laptop can be stored under more extreme temperatures: between -60° F and 160° F (-51° C and 71° C). This is helpful when trying to transport the device from one extreme location to another. Another valuable option for this device is the optional salt fog compliance. It reduces the risk of the device rusting or failing when exposed to salt fog, a very corrosive agent.

– Getac B300 Review