I would love to volunteer to work for Envision, particularly in building bamboo structures. My good friend recommended that I contact you.

The Opportunity:
I am moving to Costa Rica at the beginning of February to help my friend build a permaculture-focused eco-village with locally-sourced-bamboo structures. Since our goals are so similar to the goals of Envision, we figured it would be a mutually beneficial opportunity if we could help you in building the festival infrastructure. And because our property is only a 20 minute drive from the festival, we are happy to come as early as needed!

My Passion:
I have been in love with bamboo consruction ever since I was exposed to Elora and John Hardy’s bamboo architecture at the Bali Green School. I love the possibilities of its flexibility to make feminine, curved shapes yet its near-steel strength can support large, multi-storied structures.

I would love the opportunity to come work with you guys!

Thank you,